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Sep. 26 (Mon)
Overview of Synchrotron Radiation M. Ree (PAL/PLS, Korea) Lec1
Ring Accelerator Physics H. Tanaka  (RIKEN & JASRI/SPring-8) Lec2
Light Source 1 T. Tanaka  (RIKEN/SPring-8) Lec3

Sep. 27 (Tue)
Light Source 2 T. Tanaka  (RIKEN/SPring-8) Lec4
X-ray Beamline Design 1 - X-ray Monochromator S. Goto (JASRI/SPring-8) Lec5
X-ray Beamline Design 2 - Optical Engineering H. Ohashi (JASRI/SPring-8) Lec6

Sep. 28 (Wed)
EUV & SX Optics D. Attwood  (UC Berkeley, USA) Lec7
EUV & SX Beamline Design D. Attwood  (UC Berkeley, USA) Lec8
X-ray Diffraction B. Kennedy  (Univ. of Sydney, Australia) Lec9
Powder Diffraction B. Kennedy  (Univ. of Sydney, Australia) Lec10

"SPECTRA" T. Tanaka  (RIKEN/SPring-8) 
"SPECTRA" is a computer software developed at SPring-8 to calculate optical properties of synchrotron radiation emitted from bending magnets, wigglers and undulators. This workshop is open for those who are interested and will be held only if the number of attendees is larger than 5.

Sep. 29 (Thu)
X-ray Microscopy D. Attwood  (UC Berkeley, USA) Lec11

Oct. 2 (Sun)
Detectors R. Lewis  (Monash University, Australia) Lec12
XAFS I. Watanabe  (SR Center, Ritsumeikan Univ., Japan) Lec13
*Small-Angle Scattering Y. Amemiya  (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan) Lec14
*Soft X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy K. Amemiya  (KEK-PF) Lec15
*Medical Imaging R. Lewis  (Monash University, Australia) Lec16
*Atomic and Molecular Physics K. Ueda  (Tohoku University, Japan) Lec17
*X-ray Fluorescence Analysis C. Numako  (Chiba University, Japan) Lec18
*Photoemission 1 - Spectroscopy K. Tsuei  (NSRRC, Taiwan) Lec19

Oct. 4 (Tue)
Inelastic Scattering A. Baron  (RIKEN/SPring-8) Lec20
Pump-Probe G. Ingold  (Swiss Light Source, Switzerland) Lec21
*Protein Crystallography T. Kumasaka (JASRI/SPring-8) Lec22
*Photoemission 2 - Surface Science I. Matsuda  (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan) Lec23
Infrared F. Borondics  (Canadian Light Source, Canada) Lec24
XFEL H. Tanaka  (RIKEN & JASRI/SPring-8)  Lec25

Oct. 5 (Wed)
Advanced Experiments using SR S. Sinha  (UC San Diego, USA) Lec26
Future of SR T. Ishikawa  (RIKEN/SPring-8) Lec27

*Parallel Lecture